Outdoor Living 101: 3 Common Patio Covers Suitable For Any Home


Outdoor living spaces are quickly becoming popular – and for good reason. Outdoor living areas allow you to use more of your property. This increases the value of your home, as there is more usable space. However, you need to ensure that the space is comfortable even in the hottest days of summer. But how do you keep an outdoor space cool? Simple: patio cover installation. Available in a variety of styles, patio covers provide shade during the hottest parts of the day – and summer.

25 April 2017

What Is Different About Fire Doors?


You have surely seen fire doors in your favorite businesses, but you might not be sure about what makes these doors different from the standard commercial doors that you might see. However, fire doors -- which are designed to help prevent the spread of fire past the doorway -- actually have a few features that make them safer. These are a few of the main features that fire doors should have.

5 September 2015